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When it comes to resumes, easy does it. Your resume should be easy to write and easy to read. As a corporate recruiter consultant I review thousands of resumes each year. Over the past ten years I travel the country working alongside hiring managers and human resource professionals assisting them with their recruitment efforts. What hiring authorities are looking for isn’t shading, borders, fancy wording or style but rather substance. Follow these 6 steps to creating your resume and the substance of your background will be revealed.Step 1 At the top of the page list your name/address/email address/phone numbers. Use a readable font size and put your name in bold lettering.Step 2 Go down two spaces and write in bold capital letters the word, summary. Underneath the summary list your skills. For example a summary might start off like this: Over ten years of automotive engineering experience. Proficient with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Lotus Notes. Do not list an objective as it doesn’t reveal any valuable information to the reader and it limits your job prospects.Step 3 Go down two spaces and write in bold capital letters the following: employment history. Go down two spaces and on the far left hand side of the paper list the dates of your current or most recent employment. Tab over a few spaces and list the name of your employer. Go to the next line, table over to align with the employer listed above and list your job title. Put in bold the dates, employer and title. Go to the next line and write out your job duties. You can list your job duties in bullet or paragraph form. If you are having trouble describing your job duties all you have to do is go to any job search site such as INDEED and search for your job title. Use some of the wording listed in the job descriptions of course make sure you have actually performed the duties that you are writing in your resume. Go down two spaces and begin the process again for your previous employer. Keep listing employers and job duties until you are finished with your employment history. There is no need to list employment history past 10 or 12 years. If you have been employed with one or two employers that spans more than ten years it is ok to list the dates that exceed ten years of employment. Break down the dates with your long term employer listing the progression within the company. If you have experience prior to ten years that you want to mention on your resume you can do so by going down two more spaces from the end of your employment history and in bold capital letters listed on the left side of the paper write, previous experience. Underneath this heading list your employer, job title and a brief one or two sentence description of your job duties.

Step 4 Go down two spaces and list your education and certifications. Do not list college information if you did not receive your degree. If you are currently enrolled in college you can write the college, your degree and major mentioning what your expected graduation date will be.Step 5 Go down two spaces and list any volunteer duties you have performed.Step 6 Go down two spaces and list any relevant professional associations that you belong to.Additional data: How to effectively email your resume to a client.• Don’t leave the subject line blank. The subject line should hold the name of the position that you are applying for. An example of a subject title: Automotive Engineer job id: 20987 Rochester, MI

• If you know the name of the person that you are submitting the resume to then write Dear John or Jane. If you do not know who you will be addressing don’t bother writing Dear Sirs/Madame just start off with your message.
• Keep the body of your message brief and professional. Mention that you have attached a copy of your resume and for what position you are applying for. Mention how you learned of the job position. Start a new paragraph and list why you are interested in and qualified for the position.
• Start another paragraph either thanking them for their time and consideration or asking them to please consider you a candidate for the position of employment.
• End the email professionally with your full contact information. An example for a proper ending is: Sincerely, Kelly Smith Corporate Recruiter cell: 555-899-8889 Of course the previous information would be laid out so that each piece of information is listed on a separate line so that it can be read clearly. Do not sign off by only listing your first name.
• Lastly, spell check your message and make sure you have attached your resume before hitting the send button.

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